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Milder with Showers Sunday

The cool air mass in place with keep it chilly overnight.  Lows will fall into the low 40s with some clouds moving into the area

Temps now:

Winds will become southeasterly later tonight bringing Gulf moisture and some low clouds late.

Sustained winds right now:

Current Satellite and Radar:

A warm front approaching the area from the south by morning will bring clouds to the area but also milder weather. It will start of chilly with temps in the 40s, but by afternoon temperatures will range from the mid-60s to the northwest of Austin to the low 70s to the south of Austin.  We'll also have enough lift with this front to produce scattered mainly light showers.  

Forecast Rainfall Totals:

Warm air will once again return to the area early in the week.  Temperatures will rise into the 80s Monday and Tuesday. We may see a shower Monday morning, but some sunshine will return by afternoon.  With the warm and humid airmass in place we may see a couple of showers Tuesday as well.  A stronger cold front originating from Canada will slip through the area Wednesday.  It should remain warm Wednesday but temperatures will fall into the low 40s by Thursday morning.  Temperatures will return to seasonable readings by the end of the week. See the 7 Day Forecast for more.

BEAUTIFUL AURORA...  Thanks to a charged solar wind, folks from the Arctic Circle to the northern U.S. have enjoed seeing northern lights these past few nights.  Check out the views from Michigan, Sweden, and Norway.  NASA's taking advantage of the acticity by sending rockets up into the upper-atmosphere (see photo) in an effort to learn more about the ionosphere and magnetosphere of planet earth.

Have a great night.
--Meteorologist Kelly Slifka