Time Warner Cable News will have continuing coverage throughout the 2016 race, covering local and national races all the way up to Election Day. Keep track of Central Texas candidates vying to become the next county sheriff, city council member, or House/Senate representative.

Starting next year, Travis County will have a new sheriff for the first time in more than a decade. Sheriff Greg Hamilton chose not to seek a fourth term. Five candidates, four Democrats and one uncontested Republican, are already in full campaign mode to replace him. One trait that all five candidates for the Travis County Sheriff's Office have in common is their years of experience. 

The Republican Primary should effectively decide who will be the next Williamson County Sheriff. No Democrats are running for the seat, which will be vacated by James Wilson at the end of his term. However, a runoff is possible with five names on the Republican Primary ballot. Four candidates continue to actively campaign for sheriff.

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For the third time, Marsha Farney's name will appear on the ballot. The standing State Representative from District 20 says education is a priority. Her opponent, Terry Wilson, served in the military for more than 30 years. Running for his first time, he says “duty honor and country” applies outside of uniform, too.

For the second time in less than a year, John Cyrier and Brent Golemon are vying to represent Texas House District 17.

About a third of the Texas state budget goes toward health care, and about a fourth goes to education. Four of the seven candidates running for Texas House District 49 say education reform is their top priority.

After eight terms as state representative, Trey Martinez Fischer is leaving his District 116 seat to run for State Senate and three people are campaigning to win the spot. A San Antonio attorney, director of a non-profit and an accountant are vying for the district 116 seat. 

Friday was the last day of early voting in that special election to fill the unexpired term of former state rep Joe Farias. Already, four candidates are eyeing the next full term.

With Super Tuesday quickly approaching, six Democratic contenders are vying for House District 120. 

Sheila Bean

Joe Straus

Jeff Judson

The primary race for Texas House District 124 is right around the corner and the incumbent has a great shot to stay in office. Currently, there are two Democrats vying for the West Side seat (the incumbent and Sergio Contreres).

Chris Byrd

Doug Miller

Kyle Biedermann

For the first time in more than 20 years the 131 District Court seat is up for grabs and there are three Democratic candidates vying for the nomination. Experts say a variety of legal experience could make a difference in the race.

A judicial seat is opening up in District 175 and three candidates are hoping to fill it.

Laura Parker

Carlos Quezada

Arcelia Trevino

Jan Ischy-Prins

Frank J. Castro

Ray J. Olivarri

Leslie Sachanowicz

Milton Fagin

Virgil Yanta

Angelica Jimenez

Gabe Quintanilla

Kristal Cordova Thomson

Frances V. Dunham

Lauro A. Bustamante

Rosie Alvarado

In a few days, Bexar County residents will cast their votes and elect the next Judge for the 57th District. One candidate is seeking re-election, but the other is a newcomer to politics.

The position that handles the most serious civil lawsuits is up for grabs. The judge of the 345th District Court in Texas hears disputes between people who are not being charged with a crime. Whomever takes that spot will replace current judge Stephen Yelenosky, who is retiring.

Meet the candidates:

Two Democrats are seeking the bench on Travis County's 450th District Court.

Terence Davis

Ryan Larson

A district Judge in Caldwell County is retiring, and three candidates, one Republican and two Democrats, are in the race for the 421st district judge seat.

Mike Koerner

Pamela Lill

Kevin Wolff

Brandon J. Johnson

Garrison Maurer

Donna Eccleston 

Two Republicans are vying to be the conservative voice on the Caldwell County Commissioners Court. As it stands, the court is controlled by Democrats

Since 2005, Neto Madrigal has been the face of Caldwell County's Precinct 3. Now, two GOP candidates are vying for his seat.

Will Conley

Rob Roark

In a county that's experienced disaster after disaster, three GOP candidates who want to be the next Bastrop County Commissioner of Precinct 1 believe they can help its future.

Residents of Bastrop County are feeling the effects of growth and an aging infrastructure. Precinct Three covers the southwest part of Bastrop County and there are three candidates in the Republican primary.

For the first time in over a decade, Williamson County families will have a new face representing Precinct 1. Lisa Birkman was the first woman to ever hold a seat on the Commissioner’s Court, and after 13 years, she’s getting ready to hand it over.

Valerie Covey

Matt Heaton

Anthony R. Rector 

Pat McCord

Jeff Travillion

Marc Hoskins

James Nortey

Arthur Sampson

Richard Franklin III

Both Gerald Daugherty and Jasson Nassour hope to represent the Republican Party for this year’s Travis County Commissioners Court election. They agree one of the biggest issues facing downtown Austin is transportation. 

It's the largest Senate district in the state and one of the largest in the country, Senate District 19. Now three candidates are vying to represent its citizens.

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