San Marcos For the past few months, San Marcos school board members have heard teachers and staff call for higher salaries. They argue they can't live on their current pay, which averages about $46,000 a year. The district is tied for second to last in teacher pay, but all of that could change. Our Alex Stockwell explains. 08:46 AM
A San Antonio woman has been charged with murder after two bodies were found dumped in South Texas. The sheriff says authorities believe the killings involved disputes over drugs, gang issues or one of the victims possibly being involved with the suspect's boyfriend.
10:58 AM
Pope Francis is expected to make his first trip to the United States in September. Tuesday morning, the Vatican released the official schedule for the Pontiff’s upcoming visit. As Washington bureau reporter Geoff Bennett explains, it includes stops at major sites in D.C., New York and Philadelphia.
05:40 AM


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