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Read on to learn about the world's fastest pumpkin carver and more amazing records, along with a few fun facts, just in time for Halloween. Updated 10/31/2016 10:56 AM
Your Spectrum News team is ready for Halloween, and brave enough to share photos of their costumes. See the fun & share your costume pictures via txphotos@charter.com.
Updated 10/31/2016 09:05 AM
The Antelope Valley Desert Divers jumped into a Palmdale pool for their annual underwater pumpkin carving contest Saturday morning.
10/30/2016 10:56 AM
Warm Weather for Halloween 2016
The Halloween forecast looks humid and warm for trick-or-treaters Monday evening.Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 10:33 AM EDT


  • Make sure costumes are visible and can be seen by drivers. For greater visibility in dusk or darkness, costumes should be decorated or trimmed with reflective tape.
  • Use cosmetics instead of face masks. If a mask is used, make sure it fits securely and does not block vision.
  • Carry either a flashlight or a "glow-stick." Do not carry candles, torches, or other actual flaming devices.
  • Costumes should be flame retardant.
  • Do not drive in a costume that restricts movement or vision.
  • Children should always have an adult with them.
  • An adult should inspect all candy before children are allowed to eat it.
  • Throw away any candy that is not individually wrapped or purchased at a store.
  • Children should stay on the sidewalk when trick-or-treating.
  • Stay in small groups (we suggest six or fewer to a group). Stay near home in a familiar neighborhood and surroundings.
  • Cross streets only at intersections.
  • Candle-lit jack-o-lanterns should be kept away from landings and doorsteps where costumes could brush against the flame.
  • Indoor jack-o-lanterns should be kept away from curtains, decorations, or other furnishings that could be ignited.
  • Jack-o-lanterns should be treated like all other candles. Extinguish them before leaving them unattended and before going to sleep.

Source: Austin Fire Department 

Source: WalletHub
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