Newly Elected Travis County GOP Chairperson Robert Morrow Raises Eyebrows on Camera, Social Media

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AUSTIN, Texas -- The Travis County GOP Party is up in arms after a new party chairman was elected Tuesday night.

Members say they will do anything to have Robert Morrow removed from the role, before his work begins.

Matt Machowiak, the Party's Vice Chairman, says Morrow is irresponsible and didn't run for the right reasons. He said his greatest concern is Morrow's presence on social media, which he describes as embarrassing to the Republican Party nationwide.

It's not only Democrats Morrow references in his posts, Republicans get targeted as well. From Marco Rubio, to Donald Trump, to the Bush family, to Rick Perry, to the Clintons, Morrow doesn't seem to have boundaries for who he attacks on Twitter.

Watch the full interview below:  (WARNING: video contains graphic language)

Many of the Tweets were sent out Tuesday night during the election. When asked to explain his actions, Morrow said everyone needs to be called out for his or her wrong doings. Morrow got 55 percent of the vote Tuesday night when he received 6,000 more votes than incumbent James Dickey.

Machowiak, and Morrow himself, attribute those numbers to the fact that Morrow's name was listed first on the ballot and that Dickey, despite serving in the role for the past two years, had never appeared on the ballot before. Machowiak said he has been on the phone for the past 24 hours, exploring every possibility to remove Morrow from office. He said first he will try to persuade Morrow to resign.

If that doesn't work, Machowiak said he will make Morrow a chairman in name only, with no power, and take away his access to money, email accounts, and data. He even said he would go so far as to create an alternate Republican Party organization at the local level.​

John Wittman, a spokesperson for Gov. Abbott, released the following statement:

“Robert Morrow in no way speaks for the Republican Party or its values. He cannot adequately represent the Travis County GOP.”John Wittman, Abbott Spokesman


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