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Lights. Camera. Action. The Texas film industry is a major player in show business, and Austin film reporter and critic Victor Diaz is bringing it all to us as it unfolds.

Each Thursday, Spectrum News' Victor Diaz checks the buzz on everything new in Austin theaters from potential blockbusters to independent and foreign films that screen exclusively at local art houses in At the Movies.

Every Monday, Diaz talks with movers and shakers in the film industry, and on Fridays, he spotlights a new feature film. Diaz takes a look at key scenes and measures each film on the Spectrum News scale from one to four Lone Stars in Cinema Spotlight.

Woody Harrelson​ Carries 'Wilson' To Grumpy, Funny Places
Remember when you were a kid. Everyday seemed like it was in Technicolor. And then you grow up and you wonder "How did we end up like this?" Native Texan and one of a kind actor Woody Harrelson continues to show great range with his latest movie "Wilson." 03/24/2017 02:54 PM
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