Austin Travis County Commissioners grilled the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority over plans to expand MOPAC. It's the first time we've heard the mobility authority address new concerns. Our Chris Cybulski shows us what people are worried about and how CTRMA plans to push the project ahead. 11:00 AM
Texas senators have overwhelmingly approved a bill meant to rein in growing costs of a state college tuition program for veterans. It's known as the Hazlewood Act and benefits thousands of vets and their children. But if approved, some Texas military vets would no longer be able to pass their unused tuition benefits to their children. Our Karina Kling takes a look at the changes.
Updated 09:16 AM
Texas could be the next state to implement a uniform law to regulate ridesharing programs like Uber and Lyft. As individual cities across the country started taking regulations into their own hands, states have been working to come up with universal guidelines. Capital Tonight's LeAnn Wallace has been following the story.
05/05/2015 08:11 PM


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