Hays County Since Memorial Day weekend, the southwestern part of Hays County has been cut off. Earlier this week, a low-water crossing was repaired and reopened. Now the county is moving forward with a temporary solution for a major bridge that the flood destroyed. Russell Wilde shows us how train cars could help reconnect a community. Updated 09:35 AM
Starting Thursday, tubers can head back out to the Guadalupe River. The horseshoe section of the river just below Canyon Dam had been off-limits to tubers since the Memorial Day weekend floods, but the river flows are now safe, and good conditions are expected over the holiday weekend.
10:35 AM
Colt McCoy is back in Austin as he prepares for the upcoming NFL season. We've got the very latest on the Spurs pursuit of LaMarcus Aldridge, plus which players are not likely to return to San Antonio. Chip Brown comes by the studio to preview this year's Oklahoma State football team.
11:03 AM


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