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Prosecutors in the trial of a former state psychiatrist charged with molesting teenage boys are acknowledging in opening statements that some of his accusers have a history of lying. 01:17 PM
Two Austin police supervisors have been demoted after Chief Art Acevedo determined they did not fully investigate use of pepper spray on a handcuffed man. Lt. Allen Hicks on Monday was suspended for 45 days and Sgt. Scott Stanfield was suspended for 30 days over the March 17 incident during the South by Southwest Festival. Both were demoted to corporal/detective.
11:34 AM
Parents can check the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry for offenders in their neighborhood by downloading the free DPS mobile app for use on iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets. The app provides interactive and easy-to-use maps for searching registered sex offenders by location, name, route and proximity. Users can also report suspicious or criminal activity with the mobile app.
01:58 PM

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