St. Lawrence County Celebrating a 199th birthday may seen unusual, but officials with SUNY Potsdam say the timing is just right as they look toward the school's bicentennial. Caitlin Landers reports. 03/25/2015 08:15 PM
Healthcare workers rallied Tuesday, asking lawmakers to put back in $290 million of funding. Part of this funding includes a federal Medicaid waiver, called 'Interim Access Assurance Funds,' that helps hospitals stay afloat.
03/25/2015 12:53 PM
Clifton-Fine school leaders are looking at their options to repair its buildings after voters rejected its capital plan.
03/24/2015 09:50 PM
Lawmakers Look to Tax Syracuse Homeowners For Lights
Some taxpayers in the city of Syracuse could see their city bill jump come July. 09:46 PM
Avoiding Injuries When Digging
An underground gas, electric, communications, water or sewer line is damaged by digging activity once every six minutes nationwide. 08:16 PM
State Tests Cause Controversy Across Central NY
Controversial state tests are approaching, due to be held in local schools in April and May. And, the opt-out campaign is in high gear. Bill Carey reports the movement is drawing some new followers in the Westhill School District. 07:31 PM
Authorities Look Into How Pair Scaled Triborough Bridge Undetected
New York City
An investigation is underway after some incredible pictures posted by Animal New York were credited to two people who apparently scaled the RFK Triborough Bridge last week without being detected. 07:16 PM
Healthy Living Special: All About Food
This month's Healthy Living special focuses on food -- from what we put into our bodies and our children's bodies, to reading nutrition labels. Plus, we touch on the latest medical advancements.
Couscous with Carrots, Onions, Fresh Dill and Feta Cheese
Latest Cooking at Home Recipes
Healthy and tasty light meal or refreshing side dish.
05:00 AM