Southern Tier Shots continue to be fired back and forth between candidates running for the 52nd District state Senate seat. The latest -- Democratic candidate Barbara Fiala claims her opponent, Fred Akshar, covered up a domestic violence incident in 2009. Emily Lorsch has more from both campaigns. 05:33 PM
Transporting crude oil is dangerous, no matter how it's done, and there's growing support to end its movement by rail car. As our Brian Dwyer reports, those who depend on or live near the St. Lawrence River say river shipping is just asking for a different danger, and for history to repeat itself.
04:08 PM
This weekend's unseasonably warm weather had plenty of insects out and about. One insect in particular is trying to make its way into homes across the state. Stink bugs are everywhere and they're busy trying to get inside for the winter. Time Warner Cable News reporter Wendy Mills has more on this invasive smelly species and how to get rid of them.
03:38 PM
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