Simplifying Senior Moves From Bigger Homes to More Manageable Ones

More than 10,000 Americans per day are turning 65 and the housing market for this age group is booming, with many looking to unload their big homes for something more manageable.

"Most of them are looking to simplify their lifestyle," said Carol Asiello, licensed real estate associate broker. "They don't want to be responsible for maintaining the property and they need to downsize. It's a process to take them from what they have to what they need."

When making this decision to move, there are many things to consider, including everything in the home people acquire over decades of life.

"I try to get people to think differently about their things," said Holly Pajak, Organize Senior Moves by Design owner. "Taking them to the present day. A lot of people tend to live in the past. As you move through life and the decades change and you don't need the same things you once needed. I try to get them to understand what they need and truly love, those are the things you should take with you."

This can be difficult for some because of nostalgia, but there are ways to get rid of the things you no longer need.

"We suggest that they start with their family members and see if family is interested in any of the pieces," said Florence McDonaugh, Organize Senior Moves operations manager. "Then we start reaching out to resources whether it's donations, an auctioneer, sometimes we can sell their things for them, and sometimes it's just stuff that needs to be trashed."

Almost as important as taking care of the old home for sale, is to figure out what your new living space needs are, especially for those who may have mobility issues.

"First we look to make sure they're taking the right furniture," said Laurie Harder, Organize Senior Moves head project manager. "It could be making sure that the chair that they can get in and out of easily, their recliner, whatever are the favorite pieces that they sit in that make their lives either. We look to safety as far as rugs. We want to make sure they can get through the aisles. We're going to look at the spacing around the bed, in the family room, and any of the rooms they have to walk around."

Keep in mind that sentimental value has very little to do with the actual value of your home. Rely on your appraisal and your real estate agent to help you figure out how much your house is worth in today's market.

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