Time Warner Cable News takes a week-long look at the wine industry in New York State, an important part of the state's vibrant agricultural business that's growing by leaps and bounds.

Ranked third in wine production behind California and Washington state, The Empire State boasts vineyards in 59 of its 62 counties with a total of 405 wineries, up from 296 in 2010.

The week-long coverage culminates over the weekend with the one-hour special, "The Grape State of New York," airing in all New York State TWC News markets.

New York City
Grape State of New York: Demand for Local and Organic Wine Rising
Locally sourced, organic foods are all the rage, and that trend has certainly seeped into the winemaking industry. Donna Karger has more, as our weeklong look at 'The Grape State of New York' continues. 10/23/2015 05:30 AM



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