Convincing More Companies to Employ People of All Abilities

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A Rochester non-profit is increasing efforts to educate more companies about the benefits of employing people of all abilities and ages.

Finding and keeping a job can be difficult for anyone; but for veterans, refugees, senior citizens and people with disabilities, it's even more challenging. Rochester Rehabilitation's employment division assists more than 500 people a year with job goals, search and placement support resources.

The focus Thursday at its first-ever employment conference is to convince more companies to employ special populations.

"We are training individuals that are passionate, on-time, gifted, talented and that really want to give back and work," said Sara Taylor, with the Rochester Rehabilitation Center.

The conference, sponsored by Wegmans, a leader in hiring people with disabilities, explained tax incentives and wage reimbursements for companies, inclusion and diversity advice, employment considerations and stories of successful partnerships.

"You're getting great candidates of all abilities and to not to be afraid of embracing populations that you may not have historically," said Taylor.

Mandy Young is an employment supervisor for Epilepsy-Prelid that supports people with brain conditions.

"Some businesses can be resistant, but we have established ourselves as agency who is willing to advocate between the two. We have several people employed at Wegmans, Walmart and Goodwill; those are probably our strongest connections in the business community," said Young.

Rochester Rehabilitation values are work, wellness and independence--the agency hopes to inspire more businesses to help do that.

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