Barnhart's 'uphill' candidacy falls short

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- She ran as an outsider, but in the end Rachel Barnhart was not able to secure the Democratic nomination.

The former TV news reporter campaigned for Rochester mayor on a progressive platform. It emphasized ideas like a city-wide fiber optic network, drastic property tax cuts, and safe-injection sites for people addicted to heroin.

However, Barnhart says it was hard to compete against the other well-funded candidates.

“It was very clear to me going into the final weekend that a lot of voters were incredibly undecided and resistant to change," she said. "A three-way race is very hard. I was the underfunded candidate, I was always the candidate who was going to have an uphill battle. And I think we proved that we were a legitimate candidacy.”

Barnhart will not be running on any other lines for the general election in November but says this isn't the last you'll see of her.

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