Challenger attacks sheriff for jail deputies' lack of contract

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The man challenging Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn is questioning his leadership abilities. 

Democrat Todd Baxter held a news conference Thursday where he attacked O'Flynn for his silence regarding his jail deputies who have been working without a contract since 2012. The union recently overwhelmingly rejected another contract proposal. Baxter says while the jail deputies have been working without a contract, O'Flynn orchestrated a pay raise for himself. 

"I spent two decades in the military where we abided by a simple fundamental where you leave no woman or man behind," Baxter said. "A leader puts the interest of his troops ahead of his own. While the deputies have continued to work for five years without a contract, Sheriff O'Flynn worked on a significant pay raise for himself. Even if the raise was just, you don't take the raise unless your people are taken care of first."

"I'm kind of surprised by Mr. Baxter's naivete when it comes to when it comes to the administration of a large organization," O'Flynn said. "It's disappointing that he would even insert himself and politics in to the operations of the sheriff's office, especially that when he left he Greece Police Department, there were two outstanding contracts that had not been settled."

O'Flynn says his pay raise was reviewed by an independent and non-partisan committee that determined he was one of the lowest paid sheriff's in the state. He also says Baxter is mistaken if he thinks he's not involved in the ongoing union negotiations. 

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