Lakeside concerns linger in Hamlin after seasons of high water levels

HAMLIN, N.Y. -- Bob and Judy Jones, like many of their neighbors, recall the flooding along Lake Ontario earlier this year that took an emotional toll on everyone. The couple has taken measures to protect its property from future erosion.

"Our intention is to use the sandbags that we've already had due to the flooding kind of reuse those since they're biodegradable and then using the dirt to kind of create a berm to keep the wetlands from from coming back in our yard," Judy said.

The couple began filling in Sandy Harbor Creek to help prevent flooding, but the town stepped in, issuing a stop work order from the New York State DEC. 

"I'm hoping that we can get our permits very quickly," Bob said. "I know other towns are not paying for theirs. If we need to pay our $35, we'll gladly do it."

Homeowners have been meeting with town leaders, working on ways to repair the shoreline. At a Hamlin Town Meeting Monday night, the town supervisor says he feels their frustration.

"We're not alone in this. We've spoken to other municipalities," said Eric Peters (R), Hamlin Town Supervisor. "They're having the same issues. There's several overlapping jurisdictions so sometimes we get contradictory information and we're trying to sort it through just like everybody else."

For Bob and Judy Jones, they're prepared to look elsewhere for help.

"We need a direction, we need help," Bob said.

"We want to work with our town, however, we also want to let them know that we're serious about wanting to protect our property," Judy said.

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