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Ogden Stop signs and flashing reds are now in place at the new four-way stop in the town of Ogden. The state DOT wants to remind drivers about the new traffic pattern at Route 36 and Colby Street. Time Warner Cable News reporter Wendy Mills has more from Ogden. 08:10 AM
Time Warner Cable News anchor Casey Bortnick, who was on the ground covering the search that entire summer of 2006, has more in Part 5 of his special report, including those who were there with Troopers Joseph Longobardo and Donald Baker when shots rang out.
05:00 AM
Court paperwork recently filed by the Monroe County District Attorney's Office outlines what Laura Rideout, whose estranged husband Craig was found dead in Yates County in July, was allegedly doing the night before Craig disappeared.
Updated 08/30/2016 09:33 PM
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