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Perinton Neighbors in Laura Rideout’s neighborhood along with a Facebook post lends insight into the relationship Craig Rideout had with his family. Time Warner Cable News reporter Tara Grimes has more. 07/22/2016 10:53 PM
The body found Wednesday in the town of Jerusalem has been identified by the Yates County sheriff as Craig Rideout, who was last seen alive Tuesday at his Penfield home. Time Warner Cable News reporter Mike Hedeen has the latest.
Updated 07/22/2016 06:32 PM
Brittanee Drexel of Chili vanished on a spring break trip in 2009. Her best friend, who was among those who searched in South Carolina in the weeks and months that followed, tells Time Warner Cable News reporter Seth Voorhees she believes each passing day brings us all closer to finding Brittanee's killer or killers.
07/22/2016 06:00 PM
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