New York State According to the Department of Health, anyone who traveled on Amtrak Train 283 this past Sunday who is not immune to measles should contact their primary physician if they come down with a fever. 01/30/2015 09:30 PM
Sheldon Silver has submitted his resignation letter for his Assembly Speaker position.
01/30/2015 05:46 PM
Joe Morelle, who had been serving as interim speaker of the Assembly, spoke Friday evening about Sheldon Silver and the shakeup in Albany.
Updated 01/30/2015 09:45 PM
Man and Woman Killed in East Bloomfield Crash
Ontario County
The crash happened around 9:30 a.m. Friday on Routes 5 & 20 near the West Bloomfield line. Investigators said slippery roads played a factor in the crash. Updated 01/30/2015 04:41 PM
Rochester Named 1 of 3 Finalists for Integrated Photonics Manufacturing Institute
The Department of Defense announced Friday that Rochester remains in the running for millions in federal dollars. Time Warner Cable News reporter Tara Grimes shares why local leaders believe we have a good chance at winning this game-changing investment. 01/30/2015 10:26 PM
Rochester School Superintendent: Student Fights Downtown Are Complex Problem to Solve
Dr. Bolgen Vargas responded Friday to Mayor Lovely Warren and Police Chief Mike Ciminelli, who both pointed toward the district after video surfaced of a large skirmish Tuesday outside the new RTS transit center downtown. 01/30/2015 05:45 PM
New 'Sanctuary Village' Offers Homeless 24/7 Protection From the Cold
People who have been living in tents near a bridge underpass in downtown Rochester are moving indoors. Time Warner Cable News reporter Breanna Fuss shows us the new "Sanctuary Village." 01/30/2015 04:09 PM
Fit Kids February: Strong National Museum of Play Exercises the Body, Mind
What better way to get fit than by playing, and when the weather is less than enjoyable, many families go to the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester to do just that. Updated 01/30/2015 12:00 PM
Highlights from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show
National Auto Show
Our Ed Keiner shares some of his favorite highlights from this year's 2015 North American International Auto Show.
01/23/2015 03:48 PM
More News
Acclaimed Makeup Artist in Rochester for Zombie-Themed Commercial
A makeup artist renowned for his work on AMC's "The Walking Dead" was in Rochester on Friday to create zombies for an eyedrops commercial. 01/30/2015 07:17 PM
Layoffs at JP Morgan Chase, But Leaders Remain Optimistic
A big wave of layoffs is expected to hit Rochester in the coming months, as JP Morgan Chase plans to eliminate hundreds of jobs at the Chase Tower by the end of 2015. As Time Warner Cable News reporter Mike Hedeen explains, there is reason to hope the city will recover from the blow. 01/30/2015 06:15 PM
'Wine About Winter' in Medina
The annual event is one less reason to whine about winter in Orleans County. As Time Warner Cable News reporter Rose Eiklor tells us, spirits are high. 01/30/2015 08:25 PM
Rochester Family Hits $3 Million Lottery Jackpot
Antoinette Falvo purchased the $3 million Supercash scratch-off game at the Ridge Culver Wegmans. 01/30/2015 12:03 PM
New Device Helps Physical Therapy Patients Walk
SafeGait is a dynamic bodyweight support system that protects patients and therapists from injury, while tracking progress through tablets and Android powered smartphones. Time Warner Cable News reporter Seth Voorhees has more. 01/30/2015 05:16 AM