Giraffe Love: April Gives Birth to Calf

APRIL 16: Name The Calf!

Now that April the Giraffe is the proud mother of her fourth calf, her baby boy needs a name!

Animal Adventure Park released details of its naming contest last night.

Votes are $1 each.

The money will go toward giraffe conservation efforts, Ava's Little Heroes, and park improvements or projects.

Park officials got the official weight and measurement of the baby giraffe this morning.

Calf is 5'9" tall and weighs 129 pounds.

Officials say both the baby and April now have quite the appetite!

Anyone wishing to vote can visit this website.

APRIL 15: A New Giraffe Is Born!

UPDATE: It's the news people around the world have been anxiously awaiting for months.

"We have a baby!” said Jordan Patch, Animal Adventure Park owner. “April the giraffe did deliver her calf. It was an absolutely perfect birthing process."

Although the months of waiting were certainly a tall order for the millions watching, April wasted no time after going into labor Saturday morning.

"Around 7:20 this morning we saw the start of the process and in the ten minute drive it took me to get here we had hooves actually sticking out the back end," Patch said.

The baby boy was born just under two and a half hours later. Soon after, the newborn took its first steps, after a few stumbles of course. The calf is now standing tall at six feet and weighing in at about 150 pounds.

Park officials say mom and baby are healthy, and the father, Oliver, is quite excited as well.

"He's being the exact dad we expected,” Patch said. “He's in tune. He comforted April in the labor process."

A contest to name the baby will take place, with proceeds going toward giraffe conservation needs. 


HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. -- Millions of animal lovers across the world are still anxiously waiting for April the giraffe to give birth at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville.

Her keepers have not yet announced "active labor," but they say she is getting closer and closer, and said she is showing almost all of the right signs that the calf will be born in the coming days. There is still no definitive timetable, though.

They also say that significant belly movements were recorded over the weekend, so even the baby is getting anxious. April's activity and behavior appear to be normal.

As for physical condition, the veterinarian notes that mammary development is on point, and says the udders will likely not get much larger.

Remember, the team will announce "active labor" when they see the calf's hooves, and once that happens the birth could go as quickly as a half hour to an hour.

The baby will weigh roughly 150 pounds and stand at about 6 feet tall. This is April's fourth calf, and her mate Oliver's first.

Once the calf has arrived and keepers know the gender, Animal Adventure Park will announce details of a naming contest.

Animal Adventure Park is warning people to be vigilant of fake videos and donation pages that have been circulating. The park has created a website for April.

The animal park started a GoFundMe page to help offset annual costs associated with giraffe care.

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