Chautauqua County Jamestown police said Michael Gunn was selling powder cocaine from a room at the America's Best Value Inn on Fairmont Avenue. 10:26 AM
Students say the r-word is offensive and derogatory, and by ending the use of it they hope to create more positive and accepting communities.
06:09 AM
The intended recipients of the Old Route 219 Bridge are telling the State DOT to keep it. Time Warner Cable News reporter Meg Rossman tells us why one county could abandon it altogether if the ownership transfer goes through.
Updated 03/04/2015 07:30 PM
Education Reforms Don't Fit Into Usual Political Boxes
Every spring in Albany, there's a battle over the budget at the capitol, but a new twist this year is Governor Andrew Cuomo's education reform agenda. Capital Tonight's Nick Reisman has more. 08:00 PM
Coalition Calls On Gov. Cuomo to Give Schools Fiscal Equality Funds
City of Buffalo
A mix of parents, teachers, school board members and the head of the Buffalo teachers' union called Thursday on the governor to give the district millions of dollars they claim it's owed. Time Warner Cable News reporter Kevin Jolly tells us why the coalition said the district is not getting it's fair share. 05:19 PM
How 'Nextdoor' Social Network Could Make Buffalo Neighborhoods Safer
City of Buffalo
City leaders are looking to make Buffalo a safer place by starting a conversation through a private social networking site. Time Warner Cable News reporter Meg Rossman has more on the city's partnership with Nextdoor. 05:14 PM
Push for Tax Exemptions to Help Local Breweries, Distilleries
City of Buffalo
Time Warner Cable News reporter Kaitlyn Lionti explains how proposed tax exemptions would help businesses that make beer, cider and spirits here in Western New York. 05:00 PM
Healthy Living Special: All About Food
This month's Healthy Living special focuses on food -- from what we put into our bodies and our children's bodies, to reading nutrition labels. Plus, we touch on the latest medical advancements.
Italian Style Tuna and White Bean Salad
Latest Cooking at Home Recipe
Canned tuna and white bean salad with artichokes, red peppers and fennel.
03/04/2015 02:38 PM