Cuba Kenneth Adams met Thursday with Allegany County residents to discuss the governor's proposed Property Tax Credit. 03/26/2015 10:00 PM
The game between the two teams with the worst records in the NHL is crucial for the top of the draft order. A last-place finish would secure a top 2 pick and one of prized prospects Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel.
Updated 03/26/2015 09:40 PM
Chautauqua County homeowners may be one step closer to significant property tax relief. This, after the county legislature passed a resolution, Wednesday, asking for state approval to raise the sales tax rate.
03/25/2015 09:57 PM
Lawmakers in Albany Draw Closer to Final Deal on New York State Budget
Budget negotiations appear to be coming to a close at the Capitol, and a final deal could possibly come this Saturday. Capital Tonight's Nick Reisman has more on the budget process, which is forcing some lawmakers to work on the weekend. 08:00 PM
East Village Business Owners Tally Losses, but Are Also Thankful to Be Alive
The East Village explosion and fire destroyed a number of stores and forced many nearby businesses to shut their doors, and while the owners are tallying their losses, they are just thankful they're alive. 07:22 PM
Erie County Clerk, Legislators Propose Law to Increase Road Funding
Erie County
Time Warner Cable News reporter Kaitlyn Lionti tells us more about the proposal, and why the County Executive says it's a political move that will have consequences for residents. 05:27 PM
Peace Bridge Authority Announces Major Improvement Project for Canadian Side
The 88-year old Peace Bridge which links Buffalo and Fort Erie is getting a much-needed upgrade. Time Warner Cable News reporter Kevin Jolly has the details. 05:06 PM
Sabres Fans Take Flak For Cheering Loss, Honing In On Draft Position
City of Buffalo
As the Buffalo Sabres loss-filled season draws to a close, fans continue to avidly watch the standings and keep tabs on two prized prospects with franchise-changing potential. Time Warner Cable News reporter Meg Rossman has more from fans and a former player. Updated 04:45 PM
911 Call for 'Family Dispute' Leads Buffalo Police to 70-Plus Pounds of Cocaine
City of Buffalo
Following a major cocaine bust in Buffalo earlier this week, those accused said in court Friday there's no proof it belonged to them. Time Warner Cable News reporter Sarah Blazonis has an update. 04:33 PM
Budget Negotiations Appear to Be Coming to a Close in Albany
Budget negotiations appear to be coming to a close in Albany, with a final deal possibly coming Friday or Saturday. Nick Reisman has the details on what to expect from the state capitol. 12:09 PM
Sattler Broadway Theater to Get Facelift
City of Buffalo
A Historic theater in Buffalo is about to receive a $7 million facelift. The group Western New York Minority Media Professionals has teamed up with Ellicott Development to restore the Sattler Broadway Theater. 07:30 AM
Sabres Express Disappointment With Fans After Thursday Night Loss
City of Buffalo
The Sabres' 4-3 overtime loss to the Arizona Coyotes may have been a crowd pleaser, but Buffalo players weren't pleased with their fans following the game. 06:40 AM
State Education Department Warns Ken-Ton Not to Boycott State Testing
This after the school board's unanimous decision on Tuesday to seriously consider a boycott. 06:14 AM

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