Zagat: Newburgh Lakeview House

NEWBURGH, N.Y. -- There are many factors to consider when choosing a restaurant to eat out, including the ambiance. One spot in Newburgh that is full of that, inside and out is the Lakeview House.

"We've had the restaurant 23 years now," said Co-owner and Head Chef James Charter. "The restaurant itself has a long history before that. It opened in the 1800s, we have the original Orange County liquor license issues in 1899 hanging above the bar that's been around for a long time and has a lot of stories to tell. The lake used to have a lot of things going on. There was a casino, a nightclub, an amusement park and stuff like that."

Not only have the building and restaurant been around for a while, so have some of the practices of the place.

"We have something for everyone," Carter said. "we have a very eclectic menu, we make everything from scratch, our own desserts, stocks, roast bones from scratch which is an antiquity because a lot of places don't do that anymore. So we like pride ourselves on the fact that we serve things the way they're supposed to be served instead of using pre-made frozen things like that."

When it comes to the menu, the many diverse offerings come from a variety of influences.

"I've been to new Mexico a lot,  I like that kind of thing," Carter said. "I like Mexican food a lot and I have a few Mexican guys who help me out with that. I have a Swiss chef that does more comfort food type things. I go to the Caribbean and I come back and the soup of the day is a Caribbean soup because I like to bring back things from when I travel."

And when you leave, the staff hopes that you will have enjoyed much more than the view.

"I like them to feel that we have a relaxed, easy going setting," Carter said. "I like people not to feel like they have to feel uptight or anything and that they can come out and enjoy a nice glass of wine and walk out with a smile on face and happy feeling in the belly."

To see more of the Newburgh Lakeview House you can visit their website.

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