Goshen Orange County officials confirmed Tuesday that Vincent Viafore's body was found over the weekend. The news comes the same day his fiancé, Angelika Graswald's indictment of second-degree murder and manslaughter was filed with the court. Jessica Chen has the story. Updated 05/26/2015 04:11 PM
Authorities allege that Graswald tampered with her fiance's kayak, causing it to capsize. Our Briggette Sayegh spoke with a sporting goods shop-owner, who describes what may have happened on the Hudson River on that April evening.
05/26/2015 09:10 PM
It’s an eye-soar and an inconvenience, but it’s also expensive. The Washington Avenue sinkhole will cost millions of dollars to fix, but as Time Warner Cable News reporter Candace Dunkley explains the city is now able to apply for additional funding.
05/26/2015 04:37 PM