Hundreds of murders and suspicious disappearances have gone unsolved across the region. And a series by Time Warner Cable News, "Unsolved But Unforgotten," will delve into some of those cases to see where they stand.

Unsolved But Not Forgotten: What Happened to Christine Markey?
ONEIDA, N.Y. -- As the year began in 1993, change seemed to be on the way for Christine Markey. The 22-year-old looked forward to possible job advancements and was planning to move. But before any of that could happen, she vanished without a trace.
Unsolved But Not Forgotten: Who Killed Deborah Rumsey?
For five years, a Tompkins County family has been searching for answers. As reporter Tamara Lindstrom shares, finding out what happened to Deborah Rumsey in her Enfield home is a quest her family will never give up.
Unsolved But Not Forgotten: How are cold cases solved?
In a new series called "Unsolved but not Forgotten," four reporters across the region will profile one cold case on the first Saturday of each month.
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