Students Putting Minds to the Test for Challenge Competition in Rome

ROME, N.Y. -- Students are putting their minds to the test in Rome.

The 8th annual Challenge Competition kicked off at Griffiss Institute Monday.

The Air Force Research Lab Information Directorate and the Griffiss Institute partnering-up to get local high school students more involved in STEM fields.

Each team consisted of two students and one teacher. Students will have the entire week to try and solve their "challenge" problem, as they bounce ideas off local engineers.

Officials say the goal is to offer young minds a realistic view into solving the high-tech problems our country faces today.

"They're really challenging their minds and getting exposed to really cool topics and technology, so I think it's kudos to these kids for being able to doing this," said STEM Outreach Coordinator Jeff DeMatteis.

The competition wraps up this Friday. The winning students will be awarded paid summer internships and other prizes.

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