A look at wins, losses and what’s in store for 2018 state fair

There was buzz about this year's Great New York State Fair before it even started.

Day 1 was a day earlier, extending the fair to 13 days.

"I think we'll definitely keep the 13th day,” said Acting State Fair Director Troy Waffner. “We called it a preview day this year because we're a little late getting into it. The plan would be to make it a full fair day next year. It's nice to start the fair and end the fair with a dollar day."

Speaking of dollar day, there were more of those added after the fair commenced. That, combined with decent weather and the entertainment, helped bring in the crowds, and they came by the thousands.

Vendors Spectrum News spoke with said those days helped business. However, the crowds became a problem for parking. The first weekend, traffic getting to the fair parking lots was backed up, and it took hours for some just to get to the fair.

"We have to find a long-term solution for parking that involves maybe more permanent Park and Rides, bigger Park and Rides, more land to park cars on that's close to the fairgrounds," Waffner said. "I think that's probably the biggest improvement we have to make."

Other improvements include remodeling bathrooms. The DOT will redesign the orange lot, which is expected to have 7,500 spaces, and a new expo center which is planned to be completed before the gates open for the 2018 season.

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