Syracuse Buying your first home can be an intimidating experience, no matter the cost. But some relief to potential home buyers - a recent study says the Syracuse area is the most affordable housing market in the nation. Our Alexa Green spoke to new homeowner who says she couldn't be happier with her home - and the price tag that came along with it. 06:30 PM
The Utica Police Department made history Monday. As part of a handful of promotions -- the department promoted its first-ever African-American female to the rank of sergeant. Cara Thomas introduces Sergeant Starr Rae Wooden.
03:33 PM
Once school is out for summer, even more teens will be behind the wheel. Those fun times can take a tragic turn as younger drivers are involved in crashes. Reporter Iris St. Meran spoke with New York State Police about how to stay safe behind the wheel.
07:16 PM