Oswego Structural issues at the Oswego YMCA forced them to closed their doors Saturday. No one was injured and structural engineers have been called in to assess the damage. 10:18 AM
Time Warner Cable News meteorologists said the Monday-Tuesday storm is expected to bring a significant amount of snow to parts of New England and eastern New York state.
02:00 PM
Our Sarah Blazonis stopped by this weekend's class to find out about the challenges that come along with learning to ski with deafness. One student's answer may surprise you.
05:31 PM
New Business Sign of New Life in Syracuse’s Northside
Take a walk through Syracuse's Northside and you'll likely notice several new additions. Time Warner Cable News Reporter Sarah Blazonis gives us a look inside the latest - and tells us it's just the next step in a years-long journey. 01/24/2015 06:52 PM
Sports Fans Gearing Up for Super Bowl Sunday Take Advantage of TV Sales
New York State
Consumer Reports recommends a screen 50 inches or larger for a Super Bowl party. 01/24/2015 02:56 PM
Cold Temps Didn't Stop the Polar Bear Plunge at Skaneateles Winterfest
It may be cold outside, but that didn't stop Skaneateles from enjoying Winterfest this weekend. Candace Hopkins takes a look at this year's event, and its biggest draw, the Polar Bear Plunge. 01/24/2015 07:35 PM
New Analysis Shows E-Cigarettes Might be More Harmful than Cigarettes
A study published this week says a popular alternative to the conventional cigarette might not really be better for people. The analysis of e-cigarettes shows exposure to one gas known to cause cancer, could be five to 15 times higher than smoking cigarettes. Emily Lorsch has more on how people are reacting to this research. Updated 01/24/2015 04:30 PM
Katko Has a Local 'Swearing In' Ceremony at Syracuse Stage
Syracuse Stage hosted a ceremony to celebrate Katko taking office. Katko took the official oath January 6 at the U.S. Capitol. 01/24/2015 04:03 PM
Luxury, Horsepower on Display at Detroit Auto Show
National Auto Show
There was a time when four doors meant family car, not performance car. Our Ed Keiner has more on how automakers are blurring that distinction.
01/22/2015 12:31 PM
More News
Former Ithaca Police Officer Sues City, Set to Receive $500,000
Chris Miller sued the city over what he called discrimination and retaliation in the police department. 01/24/2015 01:39 PM
Woman Rescued from Sterling Street Apartment Fire in Watertown
Crews noticed soot around the door to the second apartment in the building and that's where they found a woman. The woman was taken to a Syracuse hospital, her name has not been released. 01/24/2015 03:27 PM
Former Fulton Police Officer Sentenced on Assault Charges
A former Fulton police officer has been sentenced to prison, after admitting to assaulting a handcuffed suspect last September. Sergeant Joseph Arigo will spend 15 months behind bars, after pleading guilty to one count of "deprivation of rights under color of law." Candace Hopkins was in court for the sentencing and explains why Arigo only got half of the maximum sentence allowed. 01/23/2015 02:52 PM
Six Jurors Seated in Cal Harris' Murder Trial
Schoharie County
Attorneys continue to question potential jurors in Cal Harris' third murder trial. Tamara Lindstrom has the latest. 01/23/2015 12:31 PM
Lawmakers Insist Budget Won't be Delayed Despite Silver's Arrest
With a cloud of possible criminality over the most powerful man in the Assembly, many are now wondering, what does that mean for the budget process in Albany? Time Warner Cable News reporter Nick Reisman has more. 01/23/2015 08:45 PM
Concepts Sought for Artwork Installations Along Connective Corridor
Central NY
Artists all across the world are being solicited to help make one of Syracuse's most anticipated projects more vibrant. Up to ten art installations will be featured along a corridor connecting Syracuse University to the heart of downtown. Elizabeth Jeneault has more on what type of artwork is being sought and whose already interested in creating it. 01/23/2015 11:07 PM
WNY Native Injured In Fort Hood Shooting Speaks About Army's Report
The U.S. Army released an extensive report Friday detailing last year's mass shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. Now, we're hearing from a Western New York native who survived that attack. 01/23/2015 09:59 PM
Pressing for Support of the State Budget
Central NY
The annual campaign is underway to build public support for a new state budget plan from Governor Cuomo. As Bill Carey reports, it’s a full court press by the administration every year. 01/23/2015 07:34 PM
U.S. Attorney Blasts Albany Status Quo
New York State
A day after his investigation led to the arrest of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on corruption charges, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara delivered a speech Friday at New York Law School that took aim at what he says has become the unfortunate status quo in Albany. Updated 01/23/2015 09:25 PM
Reality Show Helps Highlight Thousand Islands
Central NY
Ask a Northern New Yorker and they'll tell you the 1000 Islands is a spot of natural beauty; a must visit. Ask people around the country and they may mention a salad. Expanding the region's profile to tourists is a top priority in 2015. As Brian Dwyer reports, a reality show based out west helped kick it off. 01/23/2015 05:19 PM