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Syracuse There's still a lot to do before the Great New York State fair kicks off in less than a month, but one thing officials at the fair have been working on all year long is security. Our Alexa Green tells us what you can expect at this year's fair to keep people safe and secure. 06:15 PM
In Little Falls, children get to see what goes into being a police officer during a week-long junior academy. When the program is all said and done, our Cara Thomas tells us, many kids stop seeing police as a potential enemy, but rather an ally.
05:23 PM
The Democrats' historic handoff to Hillary Clinton is arriving with affection from one ex-president and an endorsement from an outgoing one. But also with a warning: That last glass ceiling isn't shattered yet, and the Republican nominee is a formidable and unpredictable foe.
Updated 06:18 PM

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