Cortland While the Cortland community is mourning the loss of two teens killed in a crash over the weekend, they are also offering their support to the lone survivor of the crash-18 year Michael Conlon. Alexa Green spoke with Conlon's mother who says this is just the beginning of her son's journey to recover. 05/26/2015 07:14 PM
It was expected that Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney would run unopposed again in 2015 as Democrats didn't seem to be hunting for an opponent. But, the Democrats have assembled their ticket for the fall and, as Bill Carey reports, Mahoney will, in fact, have a challenger.
05/26/2015 06:02 PM
Several recent bank robberies have gone unsolved in Syracuse and now police are asking for the public's help in finding those who carried them out. Our Elizabeth Jeneault tells us about the suspects police are looking for and why they consider it so important to bring them to justice.
05/26/2015 10:17 PM