Syracuse Shaun Bowen is charged with murder, accused of intentionally setting a deadly fire May 2 on Court Street. Bowen was convicted of murder for killing a man on Arthur Street with a hatchet in 1992. 05/28/2015 09:23 PM
Firefighters said the fire, which began just before 12 a.m. Thursday, was sparked by a lit cigarette in a room on the 5th floor. The two people killed have been tentatively identified by officials as William and Gail West.
05/28/2015 09:23 PM
A Tupper Lake couple faces animal cruelty charges, and while they're in Franklin County Jail, local shelters are doing what they can to nurse the animals back to health. Our Caitlin Landers explains how police discovered the animals' living conditions and what's next for the pets.
05/28/2015 07:57 PM