Syracuse Residents living in the area surrounding the Cicero Swamp are going to want make sure their windows and doors are closed later tonight. If the weather holds up, aerial spraying is set to take place—after county officials found mosquitoes infected with EEE, or Eastern Equine Encephalitis last week. Our Alexa Green joins us from where the spraying will take place later tonight. 07:47 AM
In response to the crime in Syracuse over the holiday weekend, an anti-violence march was held Monday night. Yet instead of chanting, demonstrators walked in silence. Our Elizabeth Jeneault tells us why.
07/06/2015 10:48 PM
Violence in Syracuse took a dramatic turn this past holiday weekend. Eleven people were shot and one of the victims died from his injuries. Reporter Iris St. Meran explains how the police chief and many community members are hoping neighbors will take a stand and help stop the violence.
Updated 07/06/2015 07:23 PM