Utica He was originally ruled incompetent after two mental health evaluations revealed that he could not understand the charges against him and would not be able to assist in his defense. But a few weeks ago, the psychiatric center where Bumbolo is currently being treated overturned those evaluations and said he is capable of standing trial. 08:58 AM
Closing arguments are expected Monday in the trial of Tioga County businessman Cal Harris. Behind the sordid details of a marriage gone awry and young mother ripped away is a family replaying their grief once again. Tamara Lindstrom has the exclusive interview with one young woman who wants people to remember her aunt.
04/26/2015 04:00 PM
If your car is running on its last legs, then instead of trading it in, you might be looking for a place to donate it. The National Kidney Foundation of Central New York is reminding people that they are an option. Brad Vivacqua has more about the Kidney Cars program.
07:08 AM
I Love My Park Day!