Syracuse Die-hard Great New York State Fair fans say the best way to experience all the excitement is to go to bed right next to it. Our Elizabeth Jeneault tells us why so many choose to stay in RVs at the fair each year and why some are feeling uneasy about future fairs. 08/31/2015 10:23 PM
It's an amendment that would change where some taxi drivers are allowed in the city of Syracuse. Right now, only one company can transport passengers from the airport. But they're looking to expand. As Alexa Green found out, the proposal is meeting resistance from other taxi cab owners.
08/31/2015 05:31 PM
It's believed only two municipalities in all of the state use what's called a non-partisan system for elections. As Brian Dwyer reports, Watertown has been non-partisan for nearly 100 years. For the city, it's working just fine.
08/31/2015 05:03 PM