Syracuse Violence in Syracuse took a dramatic turn this past holiday weekend. Eleven people were shot and one of the victims died from his injuries. Reporter Iris St. Meran explains how the police chief and many community members are hoping neighbors will take a stand and help stop the violence. Updated 07:23 PM
It's a 360-mile span from Albany to Buffalo, and every year hundreds of people make that trip, hiking or biking along the Erie Canalway Trail. But several gaps in the trail force travelers onto nearby roadways. But Cara Thomas explains that's no longer the case in the city of Rome.
06:29 PM
A new study shows recent college grads from the Adirondack region are considering job options or opening businesses in the area. Research shows that some are interested in calling the area home if business opportunities exist. Caitlin Landers takes a look at what the community needs to do to keep young entrepreneurs.
06:45 PM