Syracuse It's not short, it's not flat and it's definitely not easy -- that must mean it's the 38th Annual Mountain Goat Run in Syracuse. Thousands of runners came out in the rain to run up some of the steepest hills in Syracuse. Gabrielle Lucivero spoke with some of them who explain why they keep coming back year after year. Updated 04:00 PM
Stunning views and soothing music—both offered up by one of Upstate New York's most iconic buildings. In this week's Your Hometown, Philip O'Driscoll takes us high above the city of Ithaca, to explain the timeless traditions of one of Cornell's most famous structures.
Updated 04:00 PM
A Central New York woman known for driving a gay pride themed vehicle across the country is speaking out after being physically attacked for the first time.
06:50 PM
Decision 2016

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