Syracuse A Syracuse University student reported she was drugged at a party off-campus in December. Elizabeth Jeneault has the story. 04:07 PM
For many residents in the city of Syracuse, CENTRO is their main mode of transportation. But in the coming months, that service could become more limited. A multi-million dollar deficit is forcing the company to consider reducing services at night and on the weekends. A change, Cara Thomas reports, that could have a huge impact on riders' daily lives.
08:00 PM
Sheldon Silver has submitted his resignation letter for his Assembly Speaker position.
05:46 PM
Deliberations Begin in Alampi Trial
Jurors are deliberating the fate of a Liverpool woman accused in a deadly hit and run crash. Prosecutors say Alicia Alampi was driving drunk when he hit and killed Robert Bevard with her car and then left the scene. Iris St. Meran has been following this trial all week and has the latest from court. 06:31 PM
Students Honor Kane Buss at Volleyball Game
Madison County
Two high school volleyball teams honored Kane Buss, 19, who was killed in a car crash as he and his girlfriend left Destiny USA. Photojournalist Ben Augustine captured how much sports meant to Kane and how much the game meant to the community. 09:56 PM
Jurors Deadlocked on Rape Charge Against Former Cornell Wrestler
Jurors were unable to come to a verdict on the main rape charge against Peter Mesko. 04:20 PM
Skelos' Finances Under Investigation, Morelle Not Running for Speaker
His 21 year reign as Assembly Speaker will come to an end Monday. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, amid federal corruption charges, will be stepping down from his position effective 11:59 p.m. Monday. While that investigation moves forward, Nick Reisman has more on another federal probe in Albany's high ranking leadership. 03:27 PM
Grocery Stores Prepare for Busy 'Super Bowl' Weekend
With the Super Bowl just a few days away, grocery stores nationwide are preparing for a busy weekend. A National Retail Federation survey estimates about 80 percent of the people that watch the big game will purchase food and beverages this year. Brad Vivacqua has more. 07:51 AM
Luxury, Horsepower on Display at Detroit Auto Show
National Auto Show
There was a time when four doors meant family car, not performance car. Our Ed Keiner has more on how automakers are blurring that distinction.
01/22/2015 12:31 PM
More News
Fit Kids February: A Winter Activity the Whole Family Can Enjoy; Cross Country Skiing
Saratoga County
It's by no means a new sport, but compared to its downhill counterpart, cross country skiing is often overlooked. As Time Warner Cable News continues the effort to encourage children to be active during "Fit Kids February," reporter Matt Hunter introduces us to a winter activity the whole family can enjoy. 10:53 AM
WATCH: Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner's State of the City Address
Watch Mayor Stephanie Miner's entire State of the City Address, which she presented Thursday night in Syracuse. 01/29/2015 10:15 PM
Syracuse Mayor Addresses Infrastructure, Public Safety, Other Issues in State of the City Address
Mayor Stephanie Miner used her sixth State of the City address to discuss how Syracuse will continue to develop its neighborhoods, improve public safety and invest in its schools. She also dedicated a sizable portion of her speech to describing the city's infrastructure issues and the desperate need to address them. Elizabeth Jeneault shares how the city plans to get the ball moving on that front and others. 01/29/2015 03:34 PM
Skelos Denies Being Contacted By Feds
New York State
A week after Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver turned himself into authorities, the state's top Republican is facing some difficult questions of his own. Nick Reisman has the latest. 12:18 PM
Chosen "American Idol" Singer, CNY Native Decides Not to Go to Hollywood
A native of the Auburn and Skaneateles area has given his golden ticket away to Hollywood. Bill Carey says the off-beat; traveling musician has decided not to move forward this year with "American Idol." 07:15 AM
Prosecution Rests in Day 4 of Alampi Trial
The prosecution calls its final three witnesses in a deadly hit and run trial in Syracuse. Alicia Alampi is accused of hitting and killing a man in 2013. Those on the stand Thursday included crime scene investigators and the Medical Examiner. Iris St. Meran has more on what they discovered through the course of their investigation. 01/29/2015 08:32 PM
Madison Co. Standoff, Hostage Situation Ends After 14 Hours
Madison County
The investigation continues into a Madison County standoff that ended when the suspect was found dead. The Sheriff's office says the incident started when Eric Duncan, 26, took a woman hostage in Cuyler Wednesday night and held her for several hours. Candace Hopkins has more on a very long, cold night for the victim and law enforcement. 01/29/2015 06:22 PM
Opening Statements Pushed to Tuesday in Cal Harris' Murder Trial
Schoharie County
Another day of jury selection in the Cal Harris murder trial, but very little progress to report. Harris, a Tioga County businessman, is accused of killing his wife more than 13 years ago. Tamara Lindstrom has more. 01/29/2015 12:15 PM
Mohawk Valley Schools Rally for Equitable State Aid
Mohawk Valley
State aid equality in New York has been an uphill battle for public schools for years. Now, school officials and state lawmakers say those funds are being held hostage by the governor. Thursday evening, three schools in the Mohawk Valley met simultaneously to rally as part of the new 'We Can't Wait Coalition.' Cara Thomas explains. 01/29/2015 09:43 PM
FCC Votes on Measures to Improve 911 Cell Phone Accuracy
Southern Tier
The FCC voted 5-0 on new rules that would require major wireless carriers to improves accuracy for those dialing 9-1-1 from a cellular phone. 01/29/2015 08:00 PM