Syracuse They courageously served our country, now Central New York veterans are being recognized for their sacrifices. Our Candace Hopkins was there Saturday night as Honor Flight Syracuse returned from their 5th mission. 01:47 AM
After what seems to be a never-ending cold snap here in Central New York, many homeowners are itching to get outside and start their Spring landscaping and gardening. But experts warn starting your planting too early could do more harm than good. Alexa Green explains why it's best to hold off for another few weeks.
04/25/2015 06:43 PM
With only a few clouds in the sky -- Saturday was a beautiful day for the 17th Annual Aids Hike for Life. The walk and run at Hamilton College is just one of three held each year by ACR Health. Alana LaFlore shares why organizers and participants alike were extra excited for the walk.
04/25/2015 06:23 PM
I Love My Park Day!