Oswego County Crews responded to a home on Chase Road, near the Fulton city line, after 6 p.m., and found the home engulfed in flames. Matt Jarchow has an update from Oswego County. Updated 12/09/2016 11:10 PM
It was an accumulation of bad decisions that landed Cindy Shields in an Oneida County Courtroom. While she did apologize for her role in a bombing that left a former corrections officer seriously injured, our Cara Thomas tells us that neither the judge nor the victim believed what she had to say.
Updated 12/09/2016 05:24 PM
Willie McKee, the man who attacked an elderly woman in Syracuse on New Year's Day, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Corina Cappabianca has more on the judge's ruling, and how the victim's family is taking in the court's decision.
Updated 12/09/2016 03:41 PM
Decision 2016 - Election Results
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