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Onondaga County The Onondaga County Sheriff calls it was one of the most heinous crimes this community has ever seen. It's been 20 years since the death of Carol Ryan and detectives are still looking for information on who is responsible for her death. Alexa Green reports. Updated 04:33 PM
We're breaking down all the Xs and Os with Syracuse University’s football season almost ready to kickoff. Get a close look SU's first opponent, a local foe, the Colgate Raiders. Plus, see a sit-down interview with the headman Dino Babers, who's bringing an exciting brand of football to the Dome.
06:00 PM
There's no shortage of fried food at the fair. If you're looking to conserve you're calories, believe or not it can be done. Our Iris St. Meran has some healthy eating tips from the American Heart Association.
06:19 PM

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