Making Sure Your Heating and Cooling is Up for the Task of Fluctuating Weather

As the weather continues to fluctuate seemingly day to day, it's important to make sure your heating and cooling system is up to the task. Accomplishing that depends on what type is in your basement.

"They either have a forced hot air system like this or they typically have a boiler," said Marc Gladding, Appolo Heating and Cooling general manager. "A boiler is a hot water baseboard, old style radiators. But it's either or. Some of your newer fangled custom homes might have radiant in floor heat and things of that nature. A lot of newer houses are being built ductless split units."

How you power your system can vary as well.

"Natural gas is obviously prevalent in this area, although there is a lot of oil and there is also a lot of customers that use propane," Gladding said. "You can get a hot air unit like this in oil or you can get it in propane or natural gas, same goes for a boiler."

Last winter and this one so far have been fairly mild in terms of temperatures, which isn't always a good thing for your HVAC.

"Wear and tear on any mechanical piece of equipment whether it's a gas furnace or a central air conditioner, usually the worst thing for it is starting and stopping," Gladding said. "So ideally, it's cold enough or you have the right kind of furnace to stretch out your cycles or you cooling cycles so that you're getting the maximum efficiency."

If you're new to home ownership and haven't really dealt with a system like this, there are some telltale signals that someone could be wrong.

"Weird noises that you haven't heard before are always a good sign," Gladding said. "Uneven heat. The boiler seems to be cycling on and off differently than it had previously. Regardless of the age of the furnace or the type heating system you may have, you should have it serviced and maintenanced minimally once a year by a qualified professional."

Not a homeowner yet and thinking about it? If you're seriously looking, checking out this system in a potential home should be top priority in your visits. 

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