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Your Capital Region Forecast

Clouds Linger This Weekend

Temps Stay Mild 

Unseasonably mild weather continues this weekend with plenty of clouds and periods of fog and drizzle, mainly during the cooler times of the day. A warm front pushing into the area will bring temperatures well into the 40s to near 50 in places, mainly south, followed by overnight lows from the 30s to near 40. Average lows and highs this time of year range from the low to mid teens to around 30. Sunday a northeast flow of air will become established, especially later in the day in response to a cold high building over eastern Canada. At the same time warmer and moist air ahead of approaching low pressure to the west will rise over the cool air, keeping clouds with us as Sunday highs continue in the 40s.

There's uncertainty about the speed and tracking of some rain that will be moving up the coast ahead of a large slow moving low coming into the Ohio Valley this weekend. There's even a good chance rain will mix with snow and/or sleet as you go north and toward higher ground early in the week, including parts of the Capital Region. By Monday and Tuesday temps should have a narrow range from the low to mid 30s to the upper 30s to around 40.  The system and potential for steady precipitation should move east of us by later Tuesday with a dry and milder midweek. We should take a turn toward cooler weather by late week with possible Lakes related rain, mixed, and snow showers as time goes on. That seasonably colder trend looks like it will continue into and beyond next weekend.