McLaughlin denies serious allegations in recording

Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin is calling recent assault allegations made against him part of a smear campaign in the race for Rensselaer County executive.

The Times Union published an article about a recording of a conversation between the assemblyman and his top aide. She is accusing McLaughlin of assaulting her. He denied the allegation—that the aide has since retracted—calling it a "false accusation."

He does admit they got into a heated argument, both using offensive language. McLaughlin is heard calling the staffer "fat" and "unattractive," which he says he's apologized for.

The assemblyman also claims his Republican primary opponent Chris Meyer disclosed the tape, since he's trailing in the race. Meyer, the county's deputy executive, denied that.

“Frankly, his allegations are a lie," Meyer said. "It’s preposterous.”

"It’s almost like a Donald Trump like type of tackle where they’re coming at me with just a short time to go,” McLaughlin said.

Meyer says he received the recording of the argument via email, but never shared it with anyone. He also disagrees with McLaughlin's behavior in the recording, saying it's no way for a supervisor to treat someone that works for them.

Both McLaughlin and Meyer will square off in a debate on Spectrum News on Thursday. The primary is September 12.

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