Future Leaders: SUNY Cobleskill Student Goes On Walk of a Lifetime

Each month Time Warner Cable News likes to profile a student in the community with an inspirational story to share. This month, Photographer Steve Kameka and Barry Wygel headed to SUNY Cobleskill, where a walk in the woods changed a students life.

COBLESKILL, N.Y. -- Sometimes the best ideas come from collaborations, a talk with friends or family, and sometimes -- the best ideas come when you are alone

"With the society that we live in, I think a lot of people are never conditioned to never be by themselves," said Jeff King. "It evolved. Like I said, I had a totally different plan in life before."

Like many high school graduates, Jeff King wasn't sure where his life was going. He thought about trying musical theater, maybe broadcasting, but he wasn't sure. So he embarked on a journey, and not a metaphorical one, but a 2,181 mile journey, some of it alone.

"I actually through hiked the Appalachian Trail back in 2013. Doing that, I stayed with mostly rural communities, small farmer's houses. Basically just fell in love with the small world in agriculture," said King.

Jeff hadn't even finished his five month hike when he decided to apply to SUNY Cobleskill and enroll in its agricultural program, and since then he hasn't looked back.

"Here, the kids listen. Most of these kids are coming from small farms in the area or have been involved in agriculture their whole life," said King.

Jeff graduates next month, and already has a job lined up in food sales in New York City. 

"There is a disconnect. There is totally a disconnect between the farm and the end consumer," said King.

At school, Jeff learned all there is about food, from vegetables and meat production to the business and finance end, and now he can take those skills and ensure the rest of us have quality food each and every day -- and the entire journey all started with a walk alone in the woods.

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