Bernie Sanders Shooting for Major Upset in New York Primary

A crowd of about 4,000 people filled the Washington Avenue Armory in Albany to hear Bernie Sanders speak Monday afternoon. He says he's feeling confident about next week's New York state primary. Tanja Rekhi reports.

ALBANY, N.Y. -- With about a week before New York state's highly contested primary election, Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders made his first visit to the Capital Region to enlist support for his campaign.

“This is a campaign on the move. This is a campaign with momentum. This is a campaign that has won eight of the nine caucuses and primaries,” Sanders said, “and with your help here, we are going to win the New York primary on April 19th.”

Speaking to a crowd of more than 4,000 people -- and about two thousand more outside -- the U.S. senator from Vermont discussed the changes he would like to make.

The loudest cheers were perhaps when the former Burlington mayor talked about corporate greed, marijuana possession, creating jobs, reforming education and the criminal justice system.

“Unless we deal with the reality of America today, we will not have the future we require,” he said.

Polls show Sanders trailing behind Hillary Clinton, but supporters are hopeful he can score another historic upset like he did in Michigan.

“This is a campaign that when it began we were 65-70 points behind Secretary Clinton in national polls. Last week, two polls had us ahead of her,” Sanders said.

But what may work against Sanders this time is the fact New York is a closed state -- meaning voters have to be registered to their party to participate.

He was able to draw in a lot of independent voters in states like Michigan and Wisconsin, where it's an open primary, and independent voters showed up in force.

But if Monday's crowd is any indication, the race should be one to watch.

“We win when the voter turnout is high. We lose when it is low. Let us next week have the highest voter turnout in the history of New York state,” he said in closing.

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