Year in Review: Corruption and Ethics

2015 saw the leaders of both legislative houses arrested on corruption charges, forced to resign their leadership positions, and eventually convicted by juries. The dual scandals were yet another blow to the legislature's reputation. And as Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos await sentencing, the question for other lawmakers is how to fix things. It's something we've talked about many, many times on this show. But so far, nothing has changed. So tonight, we're looking at the existing laws that have been used to catch corruption, and the many proposals for preventing it. Barbara Bartoletti of the League of Women Voters and Blair Horner of NYPIRG joined us to discuss.

Also, the calls for changing laws to fight corruption often ignores one important fact: we already have anti-corruption laws. And lawmakers are being convicted under those laws. But sometimes prosecutors take a creative approach to apply existing statues. Here to look at how Silver and Skelos got caught and what this means for future cases is Paul DerOhannesian, a frequent Time Warner Cable News legal analyst who served as now-former Senator Tom Libous's defense attorney.

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