Albany’s Yamaguchie turns blight into beauty

Yamar Carter uses recycled materials to make wood engraved art, fashion accessories and decorations. He occupies a once-vacant Lark Street storefront.

His business, Yamaguchie, opened in late August. Yamar’s brother Rashad King is the co-owner.

“He showed me what he can do with wood and I was like, 'wow, that’s amazing,' ” said King.

Their mother, Evelyn Kamili King, couldn’t be more proud.

“I also instilled in them, if you ever get the chance to be an entrepreneur, take that chance,” said King.

Drawing inspiration from cartoons and video games, their inventory is eccentric, to say the least.  

“I’ve decided this will be my lifelong task. Whatever life I have left, this will be what I am dedicated to,” said Carter.

Yamaguchie is holding a special grand opening the store as park of Lark Fest on Saturday, September 23.

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