Advance Saratoga Attracting Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. -- Known for its small-town feel and entertainment options, Saratoga Springs is also a hotbed for small businesses.

"There's talented technical people here doing world-class work," Madglory's Clarke Foley said.

Now, there's a program that will help attract more.

"Building a business is hard enough. Finding the right help and support shouldn't be," said Ryan Van Amburgh with the Saratoga Economic Development Corporation (SEDC).

The Advance Saratoga Start-Up is a new initiative launched by the SEDC.

"We want to make sure that entrepreneurs, no matter what stage or what age, they feel support here for driving the next generation," Van Amburgh said.

The program includes a business incubator that provides resources and mentors to anyone looking to start or those already in business.

"Promote what was here already, but also build a platform for Saratoga County that they can build a business here," Van Amburgh said.

The business incubator is also teaming up with colleges and universities, and not just locally -- targeting students with business aspirations from across the state.

"We're working closely with Clarkson University, Skidmore College, SUNY Adirondack and others around the region to really foster collaboration," said Van Amburgh.

"In New York, we have so many people, young people migrating out of the state, and we have older people staying in the state, but we need to keep that succession going," said Herlife Magazine-New York Editor-in-Chief Angela Beddoe. "We need to keep our young, creative talent here, and I think that this incubator is going to do that."

The Advance Saratoga initiative is a 5-year plan that's expected to create more than 9,000 jobs in Saratoga County.

"With this incubator, there will be people who have technical experience, business experience, and just life experience to make sure and insure future businesses are successful and continue to grow," Foley said.

"Talent begets talent, and the more we can capture and retain the talent here, the more we can attract more talent to create more jobs, to create more investment, to create more opportunities," Van Amburgh added.

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