Ilium VR Creating New Controller for Virtual Reality

TROY, N.Y. -- Robert Rouhani and Sebastian Sarbora are sell-proclaimed 'gamers.'

"Yeah, I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember," Rouhani said.

So, after time at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, it was only natural the two found careers in the gaming industry. They're not just playing video games all day, they're making them better.

"We want to create the most immersive controllers and peripherals to enhance that experience," Sarbora said.

The two are co-founders of Ilium VR, a developer of virtual reality gun controllers.

"We partner with as many game studios as possible where they make the really fun experiences; the games, the software. We just make the controller that's compatible with it," said Sarbora, the CEO of Ilium VR.

Started in 2014, Ilium VR's guns make the world of virtual reality even more realistic.

"It's really better than just having a lightweight controller in your hand," Rouhani said. "You really want the full weight and the ability to interact with the object."

Ilium VR works with several virtual reality industry leaders around the country. Its focus remains on the gun controls, but the pair said the technology can be used for much more.

"Swords, daggers, all these sorts of things that you would see in the average game space, we can create as immersive as possible physical experience for those," said Sarbora.

Ilium VR recently launched a crowd-funding campaign to speed up manufacturing of its virtual reality gun. It hopes to be in every gamers hands in the near future, as this new technology continues to evolve.

"It's so new that anybody who has a great idea and the ability to implement them can have a really big impact on the industry." Sarbora added.

It's the impact they're having right now that's making their dreams a 'virtual' reality.

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